Margazhi is a stunning collection from Jugalbandhi that honors the symmetrical grace of dancing and the pleasant hues of changing seasons. This collection is a celebration of elegance and artistry, inspired by the dancers' rhythmic movements and the timeless beauty of traditional crafts.

A traditional outfit that epitomizes grace and tradition, the Anarkali, is at the core of "Margazhi." Each Anarkali is adorned with elaborate Mangalgiri borders in dual tone cotton weaves, which give them a timeless quality. This ancient craft has been deliberately revived in modern designs, fusing legacy and modernity to create the best of both worlds.

Our collection, which draws inspiration from the South Indian month noted for its cultural diversity, perfectly encapsulates the spirit of Margazhi's poetry. Our ensembles represent an elegant fusion of history and refinement, much as the month signifies a time of artistic celebration and commitment. 'Margazhi' honors the flow of life with each thread, beckoning you to appreciate the beauty and culture it encapsulates.


The carefully chosen color scheme of "Margazhi" captures the colorful energy of the seasons. Each costume embodies the spirit of the season, from deep-toned anarkalis to exquisite decorations that replicate the splendor of nature's wonders. Margazhi is a collection of elegant fit and flared anarkalis embellished with hand embroidery. There's gorgeous blues, stunning maroons, elegant black and classy purple hues in Margazhi.

You could mark life's festivals in unequaled splendor when "Margazhi" is a part of them. The carefully chosen ensembles guarantee that every memory you make is elegant and charming. Whether it's a lavish wedding or a joyous occasion. Every situation is given a sense of assurance and composure by the vibrant and enticing hues, which inspire joy and celebration.

"Margazhi" is more than simply a line of clothing; it's a celebration of the beauty of life and the creativity that makes each of us unique. This collection encourages you to embrace each moment with poise and enthusiasm because of its elegance, grace, and brilliant hues. Come and experience the splendor and charm of "Margazhi"