Our Story

Our story began when we traversed through villages and small towns across the country and got a taste of the unique style and spirit of every single one of them.  Every artisan in every village in every state of India interprets their indigenous fashion in their own unique way. No two designs are the same. Hand block-printed cotton fabric is one of our specialties, as nothing can match the unique texture and beauty of handspun cotton or handcrafted designs. We believe in showcasing the brilliant artistry and the rich culture of our local artisans and our beautiful country. The breathable fabric and the versatility of our designs keep you in style in every season and for every reason.  

We bring you the best and most comfortable fabrics designed using natural dyeing techniques, and vegetable and hand block-printed designs and patterns. We incorporate traditional weaving and printing techniques for all our fabrics. Every design you wish to have by us for you. In today’s fast-paced and technology-driven world, JUGALBANDHI draws attention to the brilliant and underexposed talents of our local weavers and artisans, and create a platform for them to express themselves through their incredible artistry. At JUGALBANDHI, we thus bridge the gap between the traditional and the modern showcasing a design and style sensibility that is truly timeless.

The artist behind Jugalbandhi

Revathy Unnikrishnan

Fashion with creativity and an ardour to explore and experiment new avenues sums up Revathy; the heart and soul of Jugalbandhi! An ardent fashion vanguard, the idea of fusion of fashion with tradition with a touch of modertiniry became Revathy’s spark for Jugalbandhi. Eight years ago, thus started the brand JUGALBANDHI! What started with a social media handle, now has two physical stores in Kochi & Trivandrum. 

JUGALBANDHI became a stage for local weavers and artisans to showcase their talent; the brain and the brand believed in recognising and rewarding these talented people, from all over India. Their talent, Jugalbandhi’s design and fashion sense brought forth beautiful and magical ready wear attires! Choose your pick- Ajraks, Bagru Dabu prints, Kalamkaris, Ikkats, Handlooms... all a fusion of tradition, history, culture and modernity- celebrating each and everyone woman coming to JUGALBANDHI.

Artisan Made Fabric

Artisans keep the traditional artforms of producing Indian textiles alive. Our fabrics are beautifully crafted by artisans all over India. Each artisan applies a unique touch of aesthetics to the fabric as it is individually crafted. By using fabrics created using age old techniques we empower and support the livelihoods of these skilled artisans.


Indian textiles are an epitome of rich heritage and traditions. Dating back to 4000 BC, India’s textiles were so central to its identity abroad that in ancient Greece and Babylon the very name ‘India’ was shorthand for ‘cotton’. We pay tribute to these rich textiles, rooted in history that showcase distinctive fabrics, dyes, weaves, prints and embroideries in our creations.


At time when the gravity of environmental degradation is increasing tremendously, it is to work towards reducing carbon footprint and save our planet. We aim to foster change to the textile landscape by trying to reduce the environmental impact caused by various processes involved in the fashion industry. We take immense care in ensuring sustainability throughout all are process, from raw materials, production, packaging to every single point in the value chain until our products reach customers.