What's my size ? – JUGALBANDHI

What's my size?

To ensure that our garments fit you well, it is important that you pick the right size. In India, we do not have a uniform size code based on anthropometric studies. Each brand is left to its own methods to arrive at a suitable size set.
If you have worn a Jugalbandhi earlier, you don’t have to go through the elaborate ritual that we have suggested below. But if you have gained/lost weight or if you are planning to buy ours for the first time, we’d advise you to follow one of these procedures –

How to measure yourself?

. It is always advised you have another person taking your measurement for greater accuracy.
. Make sure you are wearing a well-fitted clothing while taking measurements. Often the measurements over heavy or baggy clothes are misleading.
. Stand with your arms out wide spread against a flat surface.
. Refer to the image to understand what measurements to take.
. Note down the measurements in inches.

Size Chart - Women

Size Chart - Men