Sustainability – JUGALBANDHI


When the gravity of environmental degradation is increasing tremendously, at a high rate, it is to work towards reducing carbon footprint and save our planet. We aim to foster change to the textile landscape by trying to reduce the environmental impact caused by various processes involved in the fashion industry. We take immense care in ensuring sustainability throughout all are process, from raw materials, production, packaging to every single point in the value chain until our products reach customers.


We strive to create a better future for everyone involved in our supply chain by providing safe working conditions and fair wages in addition to ensuring ethical practices are followed throughout the making of our products. We support every single individual who have put in their effort to give life to our vision. We offer customers ethically made and environmentally safe products.


Indian textiles play a crucial role in its legacy. This rich legacy is preserved by the artisans of our country who have dedicated their lives to the crafts they are born into. By combining traditional Indian textiles with contemporary aesthetics, we offer customers unprecedented and novel creations. At the same time by doing so, we support the hardworking and skilled hands, the 'ARTISANS' and provide them livelihood.


We blend utility and aesthetics in the right proportion so that you feel stylish and comfortable at the same time. Using breathable comfy fabrics such as cottons, linens, and giving it an 'ultra modern' twist with contemporary silhouettes. We offer the opportunity to have the perfect wardrobe.


We endeavour to confront fast-fashion that degrades environmental stability by focusing more on quality of the natural products rather than quantity. Providing customers, the opportunity to invest in uniquely crafted and lasting products by employing balanced production, unified with sustainability and ethics is at the center of our value system. We are proud to be part of the slow-fashion wagon.